Thursday, November 3, 2011

more progress...

Who would have thought that an October snow storm could be so inconvenient!
We awoke to no power on Sunday morning but were lucky enough to have it back on by Sunday evening.
However, we had no phone, cable or internet until late yesterday.
So I am quite behind on my posting and my visits and hope to catch up with what you've all been up to very soon.

Want to know what I have been up to?
Nothing too exciting...just making more progress by crossing some projects off my old to do list!
First I can cross off painting the rest of the trim in the hallway since I applied the second coat!
Next, I put a coat of primer on my front door and hope will be putting a coat (or two) of the new color sometime within the next week.  When I finish that project I will share some before, during and after photos.
Then, since I have been keeping my studio pretty neat and organized I decided to tackle the room right outside my door.
You might remember this mess from last January...

...and how I mentioned that my whole downstairs needed a makeover and some organizing.  The space above has finally been finished.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint before I had my surgery in February and Jim installed shelving to hide crafting supplies and items I have for sale in my Etsy shop.  While everything was organized it looked a mess!  Jim finally put up a pipe so I could hang a drop cloth curtain.  I attached it by using curtain rod clips (no sewing!).  Here is what it looks like now...

I know it needs to be ironed but I was waiting because I was wondering if I should run it through the washer and dryer first?  Maybe it will make it a bit softer and maybe I wouldn't have to iron it!  Let me know if you have any tips.

I was going to change out the rug but have decided to work with it for now...

I found this cute black table at a yard sale a few weeks ago and decided to keep it for myself (and why not for $5.00).  It ended up being the perfect place for my fleur de lis shutter...

I added my cherished copies of JDL...
I can't wait for the Christmas issue!

I also changed my hutch a bit...

Now the area is neat and organized...

Well, this half anyway...the other half has all my pinks from my booth and some Christmas projects ready to be worked on!
Rome wasn't built in a day!

I have also been working on new items for my booth which I will share next week.
It feels so good to be getting things accomplished!

Jim and I also took Jake on his first college tour this week!
His senior year is going by very fast...too fast!
I am missing him already.

Thank you all for stopping by today...I've missed you too!


Patti said...

Love your milk glass, we have some similar pieces! And that little black table is adorable - - you look very organized and ready to tackle the christmas rush!!

oldgreymare said...

Looking good girlie!

But I really want to share my trick for all my hanging curtains. I wash them, add softener and then tumble just a bit maybe 10 minutes..don't let them dry. Then re- hang in their damp dray state. shazam! I have dozens of pairs of linen fabric/and curtains in my house and I treat them all the same way. If you have a stubborn fabric, hopefully you have a steamer and steam em while hanging.


A Vintage Green said...

What a great idea for hiding things you need to get at easily. Maybe spraying water on the folds in the drop cloth would help the wrinkles hang out. I suspect it would shrink a bit in the dryer. Glad to be reading your posts again, missed you.
- Joy

time worn interiors said...

So glad you have everything turned back on and ready to go!

Polly said...

ok i love that fleur de lis shutter so much!! sorry to hear about the crazy snow storm and your power outage....not fun!! but at least you're getting some projects done. that is always a good feeling!

Susie said...

You could stencil something on your curtain, maybe. I love that shutter. Our Jake is in college.He's my grandson and my best pal. Susie

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh've been busy despite the power outages! i'm tired just looking at all your progress! LOL! and your jake is visiting colleges? wow..where does the time go? i hope susan and i can grab you for a week-end junkin trip up here on the north shore 1 day soon. if not...we'll be heading to the WTC for a visit! :)

Susan said...

Welcome back Sandi! You must have felt isolated without all those 'connections'. At least you kept your lights. I love your space downstairs. Doesn't it feel good to put things in order and tidy up? My house is in CHAOS right now, because we emptied our attic to have better insulation put in. I have 1000 bags of baby clothes to go through and purge. Boo hoo. Oh, before I know they will be going to college, too. I hope Jake enjoys his senior year!
Talk soon,


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