Monday, February 22, 2010

vintage jewelry...

Of all the different things I collect, my vintage jewelry is the most precious to me because many of the pieces belonged to my Mom or my Nana.

Look at the dreamy shades of vintages whites in the beautiful strands of pearls with lovely rhinestone clasps.

I love the way they look in the glass jar!

I got this fabulous bracelet from Maureen's booth at the shop. I thought it would be perfect with my necklaces. I've recently seen pictures of Maureen's lovely home. Maybe she'll let me share them with you one day!

Pretty pearl and rhinestone earrings...

These sparkly screw back earrings are my the icy blue stones!
Wonderful old heart necklace which was perfect for Valentine's Day...
This vintage Sara Coventry necklace was my Mom's. I've worn it so many times to weddings or at the holidays. My beautiful daughter even wore it to her senior prom a few years ago. Wish I had a photo of her to share with you in the necklace but my computer crashed a few years back and I didn't have my photos backed up! I'll ask her to see if her prom date agrees that it's ok to post his photo too so stay tuned!
I keep this one draped over my Mom's high school senior picture. Just beautiful!!

See that sweet little heart pin in the corner? My husband bought that for me at a flea market for my 18th birthday! We've been treasure hunting together forever!

I have most of these pretties displayed in this great little cabinet I use as a nightstand. It was originally a sage green with yellow inside. Of course I shabbied it up with a warm cottage white paint with pale aqua inside. Love glass knobs!!

The lighting in my bedroom is never good for photos. I took some last night and some this morning. It was hard to get photos of the jewelry in the cabinet as I have it displayed without getting glare or shadows. However, I love the way this fabulous pearl collar photographed at night. I keep this beauty on the base of my favorite lamp.

These next treasures I wear alot...the cocktail rings were my Mom's and the pin and bracelet I got at yard sales! The bracelet is missing two stones but I still love it!!

Here is another can see the wonderful detail much better! What vintage jewelry collection would be complete without a tiara?

I got this wonderful treasure on ebay from the same seller I got my favorite mirror from. Perfectly tarnished over time. This one tops my bedside lamp.

Every girl needs a tiara to feel extra special...just like how you all have made me feel by your visiting and leaving such sweet comments about my little musings! Thank you so much!!


Hearts Turned said...

Such beautiful treasures, Sandi--so glad you shared these with us! Hope you're having a lovely day!

Sandi said...

Your jewelry is beautiful Sandi!! You are fortunate to have so many pieces from your mom and nana too!! I LOVE vintage jewelry too and have pictures taken for a post
Have a wonderful day!

One Cheap B*tch said...

What a gorgeous collection! I just did a post on some of my jewelry finds but your's are amazing. I love that crown/tiara. So pretty and your mom's yearbook picture is so beautiful! She looked like a movie star!

DeborahF said...

Sandi, I love that little cabinet...white and aqua blue are some of my favorite colors. You've given me some great ideas to do with my Grandmother's jewelry that I have tucked away in an old box. Great post...thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

I love all of your treasures and how you have them displayed. My favorites are the pearls cascading from the glass jar and the picture of your mother draped with jewelry. Everything is lovely!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My mom never wore jewelry but my paternal grandmother did and I loved going through her jewelry box. I wonder what happened to all her fabulous pieces when she passed away? All your jewelry is so lovely and even more special because it once belonged to your mom and Nana. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Tammy

Theresa said...

Love all of your beautiful jewelry! I came to visit from Anne's blog at fionaandtwig! Welcome to blogland! I'll be back to visit again! said...

Welcome to Blog Land!!! I found you through Fiona & Twig. ( I just love Anne) Your pearls are fabulous, they are my favorite to wear. And isn't it nice to have jewelry from your own family? I just became a follower of your blog. Stop by mine and say hello some time:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Sandi, just found you from F&T. Welcome to blogland! Just joined as a follower, come by when you can!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Sandy!!!!
Wow girl, I just found you and you took my breath away at the first photo of that gorgeous jewelry! Love it!
Then...even more's from your Mother and Nana {sigh}
Welcome to blogging are certainly off to a BEAUTIFUL start as I've so enjoyed my visit here.
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those vintage books you posted about earlier...oh my GOSH!!!! Why don't they make books that pretty anymore ;)

Nice to meet you~

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi there,
found you thru Fiona and Twig ~ anxious to browse through your beautiful blog & store!


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hello from Canada!! Welcome to blogging,you will love it!! Love this post,so many pretty treasures....all the best,Chrissy

undomestic mama said...

So jealous of your bracelet. I'd love a multi-strand bracelet! I have a tiara that used to be my aunts when she was little and I love it! I'll never let it go :)

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Hi Sandi! Thanks for checking out my blog and etsy store. Yours looks great! beautiful things, keep up the eyecandy!


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