Friday, January 31, 2014


Goodbye January...

Looking forward to February (the shortest of the winter months)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

filling in the blanks...

All the Christmas stuff is finally put away.
Well, almost all of it.
There is a little pile of things that needs to go up in the attic that I keep adding to when I come across something I missed.
Anyway, I know some of you will agree with me that it's a little discouraging to see so much "empty space" around the house after the holidays.
My home looked just fine to me before I decorated for Christmas and now it looks so bare.

Today I cleared out my den as I am preparing to give this room a little makeover...again.
I am giving the ceiling, walls and trim a fresh coat of paint.
The trim will go from cream to white and a pale grey will replace the Swiss Coffee on the walls.
To be honest, after looking at way more than 50 shades while making over my master bedroom, I really don't want to look at another grey paint chip.  I might just go with the grey from my master bedroom at 50% intensity.  
(And I promise, the reveal on that makeover really is coming soon!)

In the midst of prepping the room I started filling in the blanks in my living room with some of my treasures from the shelf over our computer.  Here's what the shelf looked like at Christmas...

I put a few of the pieces on my dry sink...

Looking for a new quote for my chalkboard ~ care to share your favorite?

Then I put a few more at the end of my couch, also replacing the french window with my chippy old shutter and a vintage mirror that were in the den as well...

I feel like I gave my living room a no cost makeover today just by using items from a different room!

To be honest, I am a little nervous about putting a color on the walls in my den, which is open to my living room.
I do like the creamy white and how the two rooms flow perfectly, but I am ready for change and it is only paint.  If I don't like it I can change it back!
My master bedroom is a combination of grey, white and cream and I am loving the look of it so I am confident that all my treasures in the den will look just great against the new wall color.
(Maybe even a few new treasures too....sshh, don't tell Jim!)
Eventually the living room will be painted to match the den...eventually.

So, if you have found yourself staring at a lot of empty space after the holidays, try filling in the blanks with some pieces from another room and treat yourself to a no cost makeover!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

saturday spotlight...

The "Saturday Spotlight" is on me today as Kris over at Junk Chic Cottage has invited me to share a little bit about myself in this fun feature she hosts with Susan over at Must Love Junk.
Thank you Kris for letting me share with your readers!

Please make sure you peek around both Kris and Susan's blogs a bit as these two ladies definitely have the magic touch when it comes to decorating!

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, January 10, 2014

work in progress...

Just popping in to give you a little glimpse of my master bedroom makeover that is almost done, I think.
It has been a work in progress since October, being interrupted by the holidays and lack of inspiration...

The new year brought me a few new ideas for the space and has also brought me a cold that has me feeling quite under the weather.
However, I am picking up a sweet old piece that I am going to use for a new nightstand tomorrow at the shop...hoping it will make me feel better!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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