Tuesday, July 30, 2013

this old house...

Hi ~ are you still there?
It's been a while!
I am sure you are, because blogging friends are like that.
You can pop in at any time and pick up like you were just here yesterday!

In between all my summer fun, I really have been visiting to see what you all have been up to.
Which has led to pinning, pinning and more pinning, because you are all so inspiring!
Now I am not rushing the summer away, because I am having so much fun, but I have been making quite a long list of Fall and Winter makeover projects.
Being away so much in the summer and wondering what I am going to come home to with 2 kids at home and seeing nothing new around is making me a bit antsy to start some projects.
To make a long story short, this old house is looking, well, old.
But not in a good vintage old way, just old and tired.
So, I have been gathering some ideas to give my old nest a new look.
One of the projects is to do my master bedroom over.
I am going to say goodbye to my Paris Hotel Suite!
So, today as I was cleaning my room, I decided to edit it a bit and send some things along to my space at the shop.
The shop has been so very busy ever since the feature in Romantic Homes Magazine!

After putting away the clutter, taking away a few things I don't "love" anymore and moving a few other things around that I do "love", here is what I ended up with...

I only changed around this side of the room.  It is not much of a change, but it will do until the end of camping season!

What I would love for this room is dark wood floors with some scatter rugs, the perfect shade of gray on the walls (I'll keep the trim white) and some new pieces (maybe something industrial) mixed in with my favorite vintage ones.  Some new lighting and interesting art for the walls should round out the project.  I am also going to paint all the different bureaus to unify them (and get rid of the ugly orangey pine color).

If you'd like to see what it looked like before, you can see it here, and if you would like to see what it looked like when I first shared the room on my blog you can see it here.

Want to see what I have been pinning?  You can check out my Pinterest!

So glad you stopped by, have a great day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

busy, busy shop...

Good Morning!
Just wanted to pop in and thank you all for your nice comments on the Wrentham Country Store's feature in Romantic Homes Magazine's August issue!
The shop has been so busy ever since, and we are all enjoying having our regular customers come in and celebrate with us as well as meeting new customers, some traveling from other states!

With the shop being extra busy lately, I needed to do some serious treasure hunting last weekend to keep my space full for our customers.
I headed in very early yesterday morning to beat the sizzling summer heat that we are having lately.  I love the way the sun shines in my space!  Here are a few new vignettes I put together...

I really wanted to keep this mirror...

I found two beautiful cut glass and brass compotes, one with prisms...

I also made some more french inspired flour sack towels...

Thanks to my friend Sue for picking this shabby old wicker bassinet up for me...

I wasn't alone at the shop early yesterday.
Quite a few of my fellow Shop Girls were in changing up their spaces and bringing in fresh stock!
If you are local, come on in today to see what is new ~ the AC is on!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer ~ I sure am!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

romantic homes magazine...

It's here!
The August issue of Romantic Homes Magazine!
The issue that features the Wrentham Country Store and our annual
At Home With White Event!!

Congratulations Mary Ellen, I am so excited and happy for you!
Congrats to my fabulous, hard working fellow Shop Girls too!

Thank you all for stopping by...now go and get a copy!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy independence day...

As I am nestled among the pines in America's Hometown I wish you all a Happy Independence Day!!

Every night before the Fourth of July I host a party here at my campground.
We gather early afternoon for some appetizers and a few drinks before we head down to the lake for music, fun for the kids and a bonfire. 
We then head back to my site for a late dinner ~ and a few more drinks.

This year I received this beautiful, handmade tablecloth from my girlfriend Lisa...

Look how pretty the ruffled edge is...all from bandanas ~ isn't it cute!!
Love the pockets for utensils...

I will treasure it always Lisa...thank you...love you!

Thank you for stopping by...be safe, have fun and enjoy your day!


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