Thursday, February 18, 2010

sweet vintage books...

Remember this sweet vintage book and how it brought me these lovely flowers?

Well, lately I have been enamoured by sweet vintage books. I love their beautiful covers and illustrations inside, full of delicate, yet aged to perfection pages.

I purchased "Tattine" at the shop where I have a booth not too long ago. I couldn't resist the sweet little one on the cover. It was a gift to Mildred from the superintendent of her school for doing her homework back in 1912!

The postcard was in a batch I picked up when my Valentine took me treasure hunting on Sunday. So precious!!!

How adorable are these two Mizpah the sweet angels!

"The Silver Buckle" could I pass this one up with such wonderful shabby colors!!

I have them nestled in among my supplies in my craft room hutch. My hutch looks neat at the moment...I need to clean up the rest of the room before I share it with you!

Couldn't resist "Songs of Seven" either...I put this one in the shop.

Here are some other treasures I got while browsing with my Valentine...some lovely hatboxes for the shop...

and a vintage cigarette case which I think I might keep to hold my very first business cards I just had made up! Mary Ellen, the owner of my shop (and a cherished new friend) gave me the idea. I'm thinking I might paint it white and distress it which will make the detail show up more, what do you think?

I had every intention of bringing my camera to the shop when I freshened my booth up after our big Valentine sale but I forgot it!! I'll try and remember next week.

Are you in love with sweet vintage books too?


Sandi said...

I love your vintage books!!! The silver buckle looks amazing~ Have a wonderful day!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm loving everything that you've shared here today. So sweet! Certainly can't find anything like that on my side of the world. Your craft room looks to be most lovely as I am sure your shop is. Thanks for sharing all your lovely treasures. Best wishes, Tammy

Barbara Jean said...

WOW! I have scrolled down through all your posts to here, and have loved it all!!!

I would have oohed and aaaahed over every post if it were not for the word verification.
So, this is one big comment for all of them!!

I'll be back!


barbara jean


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