Tuesday, August 3, 2010

perfectly shabby chic...

I know, I know ~ I promised to show you all what I purchased from Salvage Chic on Friday. I had every intention to! Knowing that I was heading to my campground I emailed photos to myself so I could just open them up and save the photos on my laptop then I would be ready to blog away! I did it before when I shared my little reminder but this time when I went to save the photos to the laptop it would not let me!! Tell me dear friends, if you create a post but do not publish it right away will it show the date created or date published? I know you will help me out!
Here is what I picked at Salvage Chic ~ wonderful circle star flag on old wood... Pretty rose adorned coasters which could be used as trinket dishes too... Great covered candy dish with an "M" monogram... Nice pair of milk glass shakers... Lovely embroidered table cloth... I really liked it on the back of my little ladder back chair ~ the colors are so shabby and summery...However, all those treasures went to the shop. I did keep these though... I have never been interested in Fiesta ware before but I just love the colors! I thought that if I could talk Jim into putting glass into a couple of cabinet doors in the kitchen they would look so pretty! Or maybe he might reconsider his decision about open shelving ~ how cute would that be?! Oh well I will just have to keep looking at all the pretty kitchen pages in my idea book for now. Well ~ are you ready? Take a peek at my most favorite, gorgeous find in a long time... Isn't it just so beautiful! Christine worked with me on the price since it had a little accident in her shop... In it's travels to my nest it has also lost some more pieces off the wonderful old frame but I am hoping to glue the pieces back on. There is also a tear in the middle of the bouquet that isn't that noticeable at all. It is just perfectly shabby chic to me... So where did I put it ~ right when you walk up the stairs as you enter my home... I think it compliments the chair and the whole vignette perfectly ~ don't you? As you can see I hung it a bit low... Leaving space for my other rose prints I hope to find ~ some day. I also love the subtle pop of color against my mostly white living room and den...Hmmm...I am noticing that my carpet needs to be cleaned and the floors need refinishing. You know what ~ that's ok! My home is not perfect and neither am I ~ but I am happy with my little nest and (most days) myself! Thanks for the reminder Anne! Hope this post finds you all happy too!!


Unknown said...

Lovely finds. The rose print is gorgeous but my favourite is the monogrammed candy dish! xx

Polly said...

Yes, the rose print is beautiful!

I also love the M dish! I'm always looking for M stuff too!

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Wish I could help you with your blogger question, but I'm a bit technically challenged myself! Sorry!!



AnthonyRose'sShabHome said...

I love that print so pretty!

Anne Lorys said...

Gorgeous stuff, Sandi!
Wow, that rose print/painting is simply divine! :-)


Victoria said...

Everything is so gorgeous Sandi!!! I just love that print:) I agree, perfect isn't a part of my life either and I don't want it to be.

About your posting Q, your post will show up with the date you saved it in your drafts but it's very easy to change. Just go into Post Options in the bottom left hand corner and when it pops open you'll see the date and time on the right. You can change it to whatever date and time you want when you're ready to publish:)

Sandi said...

That print is gorgeous Sandi!! I love it shabbines and all!! Great find.

Hmm..I am not sure on the publishing thing. If I make a post ahead of time and set it to publish say a week down the road I THINK it shows the date that it is actually live on your blog, but not 100% sure. I am 99.9% sure though because I have done this many times.

I rarely save things in draft mode, but go ahead and pick a future date and hit the "publish" button and it saves it until that date and then publishes it. The more I type and read I am even getting confused!!! HA HA!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Sandy! What gorgeous finds! That embroidered linen reminds me of my grandmother's linens, and the "M" candy dish is just delicious. Now, that painting? Seriously beautiful! And it looks like it found a perfect home above your pretty chair. Off to puruse your Etsy shop now....! :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Sandi,

Lovely blog! The date posted will show always... that's to your Q.
As for the covered candy dish with an M, that would fit me perfectly too. LOVE it.
The height of your lovely rose painting is perfect as it is supposed to be at 'eye-level' in any room we live in. That means, if you sit in that room it should be lower for the eye-level. In a bedroom even lower... Kitchens we work and stand and sit; so different levels fit.

Greetings from Georgia/USA


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Victoria's directions are correct...I often "post date" my posts, publish them and they will publish on that specific date...sometimes on a lazy sunday, I will write for the whole week and do this and they publish on their own each day...you can also change the publish "time", too. By the way, great finds you have there!!

elena nuez said...

i loooove your style Sandy.

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Good morning to you too Sandi! I have to tell you, your comments always make me smile...LOVE your humor! Oooh, I'm glad that basket went so quickly, but wish it could have been you. :)
Also, wanted to tell you that I adore that roses painting you scored. The pinks and the aquas in it are perfect... FOR ME! LOL

Rose said...

I love the floral picture. I would have a hard time with myself about buying it. take care. Rose


Hi. We have similar interests. I love vintage linens and your vintage shakers, and love, love the rose pic. Every time I see a vintage rose pic I want to buy it, but my husband says we have enough; but I could buy more if we start selling some of our vintage goodies :) We have been considering it for awhile since he also loves finding vintage treasures.
Thanks for visiting.
~ Julie

Suz said...

Such beautiful finds. Such a treat for my eyes early in the morning.

I wasn't interested in Fiesta until a friend got me a whole older set in pink and aqua for $35! We completed it with some eggplant. How couldII not love that?

We are fairly new and loving the blogging world. Come and visit sometime if you would like. We aren't really just about our jewelry! Much more about our life, our interests, our house, our friends...



Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a gorgeous rose print!


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