Tuesday, February 24, 2015

waiting for spring...

Since the completion of our Pinterest project in our kitchen
(you can read all about it here),
I needed to find a new spot for my farmhouse sign.
It did not take long to find the perfect place for it...

I had been shopping and treasure hunting for months for a sign to hang over our desk in the den.
Looks like I needed to shop my own house!

Being stuck in the house during so many snow days lately, I did some more "shopping" around my house and put together this new vignette on the other side of the den...

These pretty old trophy cups were in my studio...

According to the rule I need one more (you know, display things in odd numbers)...

Shopping my own house, or moving a few things from one room to another, makes me feel like the room has a new look and I did not spend any money!
(are you reading this Jim?)

I love the color of these dried hydrangeas, they are the perfect reminder that Spring will be here soon...

via Pinterest

I know there are only 24 more days until Spring
(and 68 more days til my camping season begins), 
but right now it doesn't seem like all this snow will ever melt!

Are you enjoying an early Spring or are you buried under too much snow too?!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Seawashed said...

Isn't your home so pretty. The soft shades of blue are like the calm sea to me.

I am thankful to live in Northern California where we are never buried under snow. Yet we can drive an hour up the mountain to enjoy snow, if we want. An hour in the other direction takes us to the sea. So i am lucky and will never leave. Our winters are also green which is lovely. Summer is when we suffer heat and dry brown landscapes. Its dreadful at times much like your winter. The weather keeps us humble I think.

A beautiful week to you xo

angie said...

i love your pictures!!! have a nice evening!!! angie

Pat said...

Gorgeous vignette, dear friend!!!
L O V E that you've found a new place for your sign. Placing accessories we LOVE in a different spot often times refreshes the space and our inner soul!!!
I can handle 24 days until Spring. . .although we've had next to NOTHING in the SNOW amounts! BUT. . .68 days until you're gone from The Land Of Blog for your annual camping. . .is almost unbearable!!!
Keep those blog posts coming until then, dear one!!!

Sandi said...

Very nice! I am so over winter this year! It has been just plain frigid! Brrrr!!!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

WOW, that's alot of snow! Our snow is refrozen nightly and slightly thaws during the day but it's been cold like an Arctic blast and Spring is such a delightful day dream.
I have always admired your Farm sign and your new location over the desk spotlights it beautiful. Signs like yours add much charm. The lovely framed mirror on top the table with the trophy cups is a really nice display. OK Sandi you've inspired me to go shop our house!
Stay warm, think Spring.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sandi,
Love your vignette and the sign over the desk is fabulous. I know you guys have been buried in snow but hopefully Spring will bring a thaw and we will see warmer temps soon. Just not sure if that will be a good thing for you North East peeps!!! Where will all that snow go?! Here's to warmer days ahead.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

I am enjoying a early spring, I don't think old man winter came to the sky county here in Utah. That makes me a little worried. Stay warm! Jo

Okio B Designs said...

Me too!!!!! I'm done with winter...Love the sign over your computer desk. The desk is gorgeous too. I'm in love!


Bente said...

Oh my, you have much snow. This year we had just a little, and hope for a early spring.
I love your sign. It looks perfect there.
Hugs from here

oldgreymareprimitives said...

those are the snows of my childhood which my kids never believe were true! I am sending them your pic!!! lol

June said...

You guys have been hammered this winter Sandi. We have hardly had any snow and we usually get about 3' to 4' a winter. We are really going to miss it this summer when our crop need watered, but I have to say, it has made things so much easier around here than what you have had it. I hope you don't have flooding.
Your beautiful make overs are always so creative. I love how you used that pretty mirror as a trivet to your trophies. I am crazy about the mirror hanging above it too. Your farm sign is a treasure. I love things like that and love that it says horseshoe hill. My husband shoes horses as a side business and so it really caught my attention.
You have such a wonderful talent at putting things together. Sure wish you were here close by so I could get your help :))))
sending hugs...

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Unknown said...

I'm buried in the snow and I'm a little tired of that, I want sunny, warm days!

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Elizabeth Maxson said...

Beautiful pics and project - and oh man, that is a lot of snow! I don't feel so bad about the amount we got now. Spring is around the corner - and soon fishing time too! Love your blog, btw, and thank you for sharing so much with us. I just never comment ;-))

Lots of hugs


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