Saturday, October 29, 2011

vintage with a view...

I love Pinterest.
I also love when I find a photo that needs me to start a new board.
That is what happened when I found this beautiful picture a few weeks ago...

I created the board "vintage with a view" once I saw this breath taking photo on Faye's blog, Wild Rose Vintage.
Shortly after, I pinned another fabulous shot from her...

Absolutely stunning, don't you agree?!

Faye is the winner of my Uprint giveaway ~ congratulations!!
Either of those photos would make wonderful postcards!!

Sorry I am a little late announcing the winner.
The princess and I went shopping for the day yesterday and she took me out for a belated birthday lunch ~ thanks Jaclyn!!

Thank you all for stopping by today!
It is still October and we are in for a snow storm this afternoon.
This is no treat...a trick for sure!!


time worn interiors said...

Lovely photos! I have only been on Pinterest one time! I really need to get there!

Vintage Gal said...

What fabulous images ~ just stunning ;-)

NanaDiana said...

Wow- I love those images...but I am skeered to start Pinterest...cuz I am afraid I will get "hooked"..xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, my mother did our laundry on a wringer washer like that one! That makes *me* so vintage - hee hee! Love those pics, definitely post card worthy!

d e l i g h t said...

Those are great photographs!! Pinterest is so wonderful!!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

Love the bed

oldgreymare said...

Congrats to Faye.
As for you? bundle up girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi,
Love those photos!!! So simple and beautiful!
I'll have to check out your inspiration board.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Okio B Designs said...

Gorgeous photos! And the snow has already started here. It's crazy early and I hope this is not a sign of things to come. =(


Victoria said...

Hello Sandi, it's me your lazy blogger friend:) Actually, I've been cross stitching my head off working on a large piece for my MIL. It's almost done tho so I'll post pics of it after I've given it to her.

I haven't ventured into the world of Pinterest, I don't have a Twitter or FB account so I wasn't able to sign up. You know though, you should watermark your photos' Sandi because people might be pinning some of your gorgeous images and you should get credit for them! I've heard other bloggers mention seeing their photo's show up on other people's blogs and they're citing only "Pinterest" as the source!

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and I didn't even know you had a giveaway but I was so glad to see Debbie won it:) She deserves it:)

Faye said...

OMG!!!! Sandi...I had a funny feeling I should look at your blog and to my surprise there were 2 pics from my blog! I thought...what is she up to? Then I read that I'm the winner of your perfect giveaway! Perfect to me because I really CAN use this! On top of that this made my day because I'm spending it on the couch watching TV, it's just muscles so no biggie, but my back hurts like the dickens so I haven't been checking out my fave blogs for a couple of days.
Thank you Sandi! And thank you for the super neat intro to the that! You come up with the best ideas!!
xoxo Faye

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I love both those photos! Wouldn't it be great to stumble across an old crib like that, just sitting out in a

Faded Plains said...

So beautiful...your right, they would make gorgeous postcards.

Robin Johnson said...

Beautiful! She is very talented with a camera!

Heaven's Walk said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Sandi. Wow. She's a wonderful photographer! Isn't Pinterest the best? I'm finding myself in a Pinning coma!

xoxo laurie

Miss Gracie's House said...

Those are beautiful images...hope you are well. Does your shop have a holiday event...ours is in 10 days...yikes...I gotta get busy!

Debbie said...

Faye finds the most amazing shots, doesn't she??!!
So, so glad she perfect for her!
I've been away for five days, so I had to catch up on your posts...LOVE my inspirational holder!!!LOVE it!!!! Your's is just beautiful too!!!!!! Michelle is so very talented.
I enjoyed reading your posts when I returned home today, Sandi.
Thank you AGAIN for choosing me for your awesome give away.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh I love those photos,think I will set the second one as my background,thanks! x0

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Sandi! Hope you made out okay with the snow! You're right..those would make gorgeous postcads!

June said...

Aren't these images the best Sandi! I have an old iron crib like that one and I love it.
I'm a little hooked on Pinterest right now and spending waaay too much time not visiting my favorite blogs. Bad June!!!
hugs from here..

Privet and Holly said...

Hey sweet friend!
Hope you survived
the snowstorm with
your sense of humor
in tact! A Halloween
to remember, right?
I'm loving Pinterest,
as well, and these
photos are wonderful!

Happy November,
xx Suzanne

Tricia said...

Oh my, these are wonderful. I love Pinterest too, but lately I've been too busy to find anything to add to my boards :)

Seawashed said...

I have stayed away from Pinterest on purpose...but Oh my the photos I see on blogs from Pinterest are gorgeous. Love this old bed in the field. love it!


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